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Location: QATAR
Firm Name: Not available
Job Domain: Petroleum Engineers
Active from: August 23rd, 2013
Until: August 31st, 2013


1. Provide support to the onshore drilling organisation by spending at least 60% of time visiting drilling and workover rigs, Rigless activities and the drilling workshops in Dukhan to advise the onsite supervisors on all HSE issues. These shall include but are not limited to: Monitoring and advising on the implementation of the Drilling Department and Corporate USE procedures: Process Safety: Safe working practices; Use of JSA\'s P\'I\'W. & PJSM: Hazard Identification: Actions to close-out audit recommendations; Lateral learning from incidents at other work locations and providing advice to implement the DR-\"Golden Rules\". 2. Report any major safety issues identified at the work locations (including Process Safety issues); monitor the corrective actions and work closely with operations staff to help ensure that corrective actions and preventative measures are immediately implementedr 3. Participate in the Annual Management HSE Inspection Programme and other HSE audits for all Drilling facilities in Dukhan. Coordinate and monitor the follow-up of actions (as applicable) to ensure the safety improvements are implemented at all work locations. 4. Contribute to the investigation of all incidents at Dukhan drilling work locations, coordinate the finali/ation of the investigation report and SAP report and use expert knowledge to determine root causes and recommendations to avoid reoccurrence. Thereafter, ensure the findings and recommendations are communicated to all applicable locations. 5. Provide Safety input to the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) prepared either by contractors (or company’s supervisors) to help ensure risks are properly identified and mitigated at the planning stage and during job execution. 6. Participate in monitor compliance with Safety Legal and Corporate HSE dept. safety standards, regulations to assist in ensuring that such requirements are implemented in Onshore Drilling activities and incorporated into contracts, procedures, and programs as appropriate. 7. Contribute as a member of the Emergency Response Team including the provision of expert HSE knowledge in the event of an emergency. Provide input and support for emergency drills and training exercises to ensure all parties are ready in the event of an emergence. 8. Participate in reviewing and follow up USE KPI to correct any deficiencies and implement best practices. 9. Provide input to update the related HSE issues in Drilling Reference Manual \"DRM\" -and the associated procedures to ensure that the safety requirements are clearly documented and communicated to all staff and contractor personnel. 10. Assist and participate in all USE initiatives and programs related to improving HSE performance for the Onshore Drilling activities including: providing support for the actions required to ensure compliance with ISO 9001. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and participate in delivering the Ql ISE awareness training.


1. The job requires the incumbent to engage with supervisors and crew members at the various drilling work locations (Rigs. Rigless and Workshops) to convey both the \"personal\" and \"process safety\" requirements in a constructive and helpful manner. This requires an in-depth knowledge of all HSE requirements and also well developed communication and interpersonal skills to add value as a key contributor to HSE performance. 2. Rigorous follow-up is required across work locations in the event of an incident or high potential near miss to provide the safety advice to all supervisors on recommendations and actions required to prevent reoccurrence. Strong networking and credibility is required across the entire onshore drilling organization and with contractors and service companies. 3. Provide support and assistance in ensuring that drilling and workover programs are robust in terms of risk mitigation/reduction to AERAP level and that process safety issues have been properly incorporated. 4. The job requires an ability to keep an accurate record of work location visits to ensure that the areas for improvement are adequately document and communicated and that positive findings are shared and implemented across all work locations. Such reports can have a significant impact on HSE performance, and operational integrity. 5. Assist in closing-out inspection and audit actions is an important part of the job and requires the incumbent to be part of the operational team, by providing constructive advice and assistance. This requires both technical knowledge, and a positive \"can-do\" attitude 6. Detailed planning and attention is required for the successful execution of work site inspections to ensure the program is fit for purpose and communicated to all parties involved. This demands a systematic approach, careful planning and clear communication throughout the audit or inspection process. 7. USE support and coordination is required in an operational environment characterised by high cost and high risk. The position requires routine contact and interfacing with the Drilling Contractor and Service Companies. Weekend and after hours work will be required from time to time as operational requirements dictate. Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience 1. BSc. Degree in Engineering, Science or equivalent and a recognised Industry Diploma or qualification in Safety preferred. 2. Fluent in written and spoken English. 3. Minimum 8 years experience in USE related to Drilling Operations. 4. Must be able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge and experience of health and safety management systems as well as a sound understanding of Process Safety and USE auditing. 5. Should be able to communicate effectively at all levels, from rig crew workers to senior management. 6. Fully aware of HSE regulations and requirements and updated with the latest international codes / regulations such as IMO. ISO 9001. ISO 14001, 01ISAS 18001.