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Location: QATAR
Firm Name: Not available
Job Domain: Petroleum Engineers
Active from: August 23rd, 2013
Until: August 31st, 2013


RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Direct and control operations at the rig site to ensure they are performed in accordance with the company’s requirements and without accidents of any kind. In particular ensure that the operations are efficiently and safely performed in compliance with the approved drilling or workover program, the Drilling Reference Manual (DRM) the Drilling Department \"Golden Rules,\" and that all rig site personnel are aware of and adhere to these requirements. 2. Manage HSE at the rig site as the highest priority by demonstrating visible HSE leadership and an unrelenting commitment to a safe working environment. Participate in the Drilling Contractors STOP program to identify unsafe conditions or procedures and perform at least one full \"STOP\" walkabout per week. Encourage active participation by all Service Company personnel in the STOP program to eliminate accidents before they occur. 3. Report all HSE incidents in a timely and accurate manner using the SAP system and lead the initial on-site investigation of all incidents and near misses to identify and document the sequence of events and immediate causes of the incident as quickly as possible. 4. Resolve operational problems as they arise within the framework of the company policies and standards and ensure that non-routine or unforeseen activities are always meticulously planned and organized to identify potential hazards and to mitigate risks. 5. Review the drilling or workover program prior to the start of operations to ensure that the equipment and personnel on the rig are capable to perform the work and that there are no errors or anomalies in the program. 6. Report all daily activities and enter well data and cost information in Open-Wells in a complete manner. Verify that costs entered into Open Wells reflect the current contract costs to ensure that the daily cost estimate is correct and includes all items. 7. Witness the bi-weekly BOP pressure and function test and sign-off the test record and pressure charts and verify the correct BOP certification is available at the rig site to ensure the integrity of this critical equipment in accordance with standards. 8. Plan and prioritize rig activities and allocate resources to ensure that the program objectives are achieved in a timely manner and within budget. Provide written instructions to the Drilling Contractor\'s representative. Service Personnel and Night Supervisor (when applicable) prior to specific operations and maintain a record of lessons learned and improvement opportunities to facilitate continuous performance improvement. 9. Supervise al Contractors involved in the rig operations. Monitor the quality of work performed and prepare service quality assessments. Specifically check that all equipment and chemicals that are delivered to the rig site have the necessary certification documents (CoA) in accordance with requirements. 10. Monitor, train and support new graduate engineers. This shall include assigning specific tasks to broaden the learning process.


Special Features / Challenges: 1. The resolution of drilling problems such as: the loss of primary well control, stuck pipe, borehole instability and directional problems are a substantial part of job. These problems require extensive technical knowledge, and operational experience to understand the risks and to resolve the problem in a safe and efficient manner. 2. Detailed operational planning and attention to detail during the execution of the work is required to ensure trouble free operations. This involves coordinating with multiple Services Companies, the Drilling Contractor personnel and the office based Superintendent and Operations Engineer. 3. Analytical thinking combined with extensive \"hands-on\" experience is required to resolve day to day operational problems in a safe and efficient manner. 4. Evaluating the risk and reward for different operational solutions is an important aspect of the job. Examples would include: recommending the maximum period to work on \"stuck pipe\" before implementing other options, or deciding the best method to control a well after primary control has been lost. Decisions can have a significant financial impact. 5. Decision making and coordination is required on a 24 hour per day in an operational environment characterized by high cost and high risk. This demands a systematic approach to problem solving, careful planning and clear communication. 6. Duties are performed in a hazardous working environment. On average 40% of work necessitates exposure to a variety of unpleasant conditions normally found on a rig operating in the desert. The remaining time is spent in an air conditioned cabin; however noise and vibration are present. This is a demanding operational job that requires the incumbent to be on call for 24 hours per day 7 days per week. 7. The position requires daily contact with the Drilling Superintendent and Operations Engineers to review operational progress and problems; daily contact with the Contractor Rig Manager and Service Company Engineers; Regular contact with other Departments such as Production and Field Support Department to discuss and resolve any interface issues; and close collaboration with FD Engineers regarding the execution of the drilling operations and possible changes to the program. Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience 1. BSc degree in an Engineering discipline or equivalent. In exceptional cases the requirement for a degree may be waived for a seasoned professional with a substantial record of successful performance as a DSV. 2. 1WCF Certified at supervisor level. 3. At least 15 years experience in drilling operations including 8 years as a Drilling Supervisor. Experience in drilling highly deviated and horizontal wells is preferred 4. Strong leadership and people management skills in a multi-cultural working environment. 5. Excellent communication skills in English (demonstrated verbal and written skills) 6. Commitment and passion for managing HSE. 7. Energy and enthusiasm for delivering outstanding performance and going above and beyond normal expectations. 8. Ability to make the correct operational decisions based on systematic analysis with rigorous attention to detail.


EXPAT STATUS WITH ALL BENEFITS:insurance,allowances,family status(if necessary)....etc.